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Santiago Zuleta

Santiago focuses his practice on international arbitration, public law, and human rights. He is a historian and a lawyer. 

He works as a judicial assistant in international arbitrations under the ICSID, UNCITRAL rules, and commercial arbitrations. He has participated in the elaboration of legal actions before Colombian national courts. He has experience working in judicial courts since he was linked as an assistant to the Council of State, where he exercised the tasks of projection and drafting judgments, construction of jurisprudential lines in matters of State responsibility.

He has also worked as a researcher and consultant in several human rights projects. Assistant in the design and implementation of public policies in areas such as formalization of property rights, administration of justice, and forms of reparation within the framework of the victims' land and restitution law, a project led by Colciencias.

Coordinator of the project "Legal services and construction of peace" with the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, whose objective was to involve the private sector in the construction of peace. Experience in projects of memory recovery and communication for development in some regions of the country with NGOs.

Expert in the management of files and sources and information. Professor of the Chairs of History of Law in Colombia and Theory of Law, as well as assistant professor in the field of Constitutional Law.


Relevant Experience

International and national arbitration

  • Founder of the Business and Human Rights practice area at Zuleta Abogados.
  • Assistance of Eduardo Zuleta as arbitrator in international investment arbitrations under ICSID, ICC, and UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules.
  • Counsel representing a public entity in international arbitration under the Arbitration Rules of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce. Seat of the arbitration: Bogotá D.C., Colombia.

Legal Advice

  • Legal Consultant at the Organización Nacional de Pueblos Indígenas de la Amazonia Colombiana(OPIAC). Strengthening the political-organizational structures of indigenous peoples with the implementation of indigenous territorial councils, established in Decree 632 of 2018.
  • Legal Clerk. Reviewing files and drafting jurisprudence on State responsibility.


  • Researcher. Inter-Institutional Project: Observatorio de Restitución y Regulación de la Propiedad Agraria. (Observatory for Restitution and Regulation of Agrarian Property.) Universidad Colegio Mayor Nuestra Señoradel Rosario and COLCIENCIAS. Institutional design and application of public policiesfor land restitution and formalization of propertyrights under Law 1448 of 2001 "Lawof Victims and Land Restitution”.
  • Researcher at United Nations Development Program, UNDP – High Council of the Judiciary. Analysis of land restitution judgments. Typologies of dispossession and dispossessors, contexts of the conflict of Judicial Districts, recommendations in the design of guarantees of non- repetition).
  • Researcher at the Presidential Program for Modernization, Efficiency, Transparency and Fight against Corruption – Means for Peace. Mayor's Office of Bogotá and Colegio Mayor Nuestra Señora del Rosario. Inter-Institutional Project: Reconstruction of the city's documentary memory and promotion of academic research in the Bogotá Archive, Phases I and II.
  • Researcher at the Presidential Program for Modernization, Efficiency, Transparency and Fight against Corruption – Means for Peace. Project: Press and corruption in Colombia. Journalistic quality standards in the coverage of corruption issues in Colombia 2008 - 2009.
  • Researcher and fieldwork at the Community Radio and Audiovisual Production School Caquetá, Colombia. Project: Communication for Reconciliation and Human Rights. Project awarded by UNESCO. Winner of UNESCO award for Best Experience in Communication for Development (2005)
  • Researcher. Press monitoring, in-depth interviews at the CINEP (Centro de Investigación Nacional Estudiantil Popular). Project: Communication and Culture: Citizens, Media, and Nation, support to Public Information System line.



  • Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario. Abogado.
  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Historiador.


  • Parkland College/District 505, Champaign, Illinois.
  • University of Oxford. Candidate. Masters Degree in International Human Rights Law.

Academic and Publications

  • Teacher on History of Law at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. The course provides future lawyers with the understanding that time and space determine the way in which each society understands the law, the way it works, its purposes, the way it is studied, and who produces it.
  • Speaker. 24th World Congress of Political Science. Poznan - Poland.
  • Speaker. 8th Latin AmericanCongress of Political Science. Lima – Peru.
  • Speaker. 33rd International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association. San Juan - Puerto Rico.
  • Speaker. "Land and War" International Seminar of the Observatory for Restitution and Regulation of AgrarianProperty Rights. Bogotá - Colombia.


  • Peña Huertas, R.P., Parada Hernández, M.M., Zuleta Ríos, S. (2014).La regulación agraria en Colombia o el eternodéjà vu haciala concentración y el despojo: un análisis de las normas jurídicas colombianas sobre el agro (1991-2010). (Agrarian regulation in Colombia or the eternaldéjà vu of concentration and dispossession: An analysis of Colombian legal regulations on agriculture (1991-2010). Estudios Socio-Jurídicos.
  • Lina M. Céspedes-Báez, Rocío del Pilar Peña-Huertas, DanielSantiago Cabana González and Santiago Zuleta-Ríos (2015). Who Owns the Land? Litigants, Justices, Colonos, and Titleholders’ Struggle to Define the Origins of Private Property in Colombia. Global Jurist.
  • Peña Huertas, R.P., Parada Hernández, M.M., Ruiz, Luis Enrique, Alvares Daniel Ricardo, Zuleta Ríos, S. (2017). Legal dispossessions and civil war in Colombia Journal of Agrarian Change.
  • Mayorga G., Fernando and Zuleta R., Santiago (2011). Catálogo de Fuentes y Bibliografía para la Historia de Bogotá. (Catalog of Sources and Bibliography for the History of Bogotá) 4 Volumes. Bogotá, Mayor's Office of Bogotá D.C. and Universidad del Rosario.


  • Spanish
  • English