Human Rights

The business and human rights practice combines counseling with litigation to design responsible investment strategies that protect human rights and generate social impact. We advise companies on regulatory risks related to national and international human rights and international humanitarian law instruments. We promote multi-stakeholder dialogues with the private sector, official entities, and civil society organizations.

Areas of practice:

Prior consultation and social dialogue.

Design of communication strategies to carry out the prior consultation process, (pre-consultation, consultation, follow-up and closure, with monitoring tools for due follow-up, and guarantee due process minimizing the risk of legal action before, during and after the investment.

Human rights due diligence.

Development of methodologies to comply with the burden of due diligence in contexts with high risk of human rights violations. We accompany and support the creation and implementation of corporate human rights policies in line with the standards of the OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises and the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights.

Human rights regulation.

Identification and regulation of standards of protection and respect for human rights in commercial contracts through specific corporate social responsibility (ESG) clauses. Some matters to be regulated: respect for human rights, duty to protect the environment, relations with indigenous populations, development of strategies with suppliers on respect for human rights, monitoring and duty of vigilance on human rights, and responsibility and reparation mechanisms.

Business and human rights litigation.

Constitutional actions to ensure the protection of fundamental rights. Advice in international proceedings such as the IACHR and OECD National Contact Points; also, in investor-state arbitrations involving human rights disputes.