Legal Training

At Zulegal we are committed to contributing to the high-quality training of the current and upcoming generations of practitioners in the areas of commercial and investment arbitration, human rights, and international law. 

To this aim, we offer internationally-focused academic programs (online and on site) that transcend national borders, legal systems, and cultural differences.

Our most recent program, was the Course on International Commercial Arbitration, offered in an alliance with Tirant lo Blanch, the Arbitration Chamber of the Medellin Chamber of commerce and the Latin American Arbitration Association (ALArb). In the subject of business and human rights we have also conducted the following programs:

  • The business and human rights training project for lawyers trained more than 40 lawyers on how to analyze and resolve business situations related to human rights violations within the framework of current national and international regulations.
  • Training on the due diligence process in business and human rights. Professional services to design and train ISA personnel on human rights due diligence in accordance with national and international human rights legal standards.
  • Training "Defense of human rights" for human rights defenders and activists. The training covers the origin of human rights, provides an overview of the most important international and regional human rights standards and applies them to selected case studies of human rights violations. It includes building strategies on how human rights are effectively claimed and defended and how human rights defenders can be protected.

Our members also participate in academic production projects and similar initiatives, with strategic allies. Some of our past projects include:

  • "International Arbitration in Latin America: The State of Play", Panel del 23 de marzo de 2022.
  • “Enmiendas 2022 a las Reglas del CIADI: Principales novedades”, Panel del 25 de agosto de 2022.
  • “El futuro de Colombia en el arbitraje”, Panel del 1 de septiembre de 2022.
  • -Blanco y Alexander Pehl.
  • The right to dispossession in Colombia: An analysis of the adjudication regulation of wasteland from below (Análisis Político, 2018). Santiago Zuleta-Ríos, Rocío del Pilar Peña Huertas.
  • Construyendo la piedra angular del arbitraje comercial internacional: Qué hacer y evitar en la redacción de acuerdos arbitrales (Centro de Arbitraje y Conciliación para la Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá, 2021) Angélica María Perdomo Luna (investigadora).
  • The approach of Colombian courts towards forum-selection clauses in international contracts: is there a way out? (International Bar Association, Arbitration News, Vol 21 No. 1, 2016) María Marulanda, Sebastián Rubiano-Groot.



Santiago Zuleta



Angélica María Perdomo Luna