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Paula Monteiro Danese

Paula is recognized globally for her expertise in international law, international environmental law, consumer law, and business and human rights. Prior to working at Zuleta Legal, she spent ten years working with compliance, human rights, and strategic litigation. Paula has worked as a consultant for International Organizations, non-profit organizations, and corporations on human rights and international law. 

One of the most prestigious courses on Business and Human Rights in Brazil has been taught by Paula at the Superior School for Lawyers-São Paulo since 2017. 

Paula also advises clients on dispute prevention, risk management, due diligence, compliance, and governance with respect to business and human rights. She is often instructed to advise on highly sensitive issues, such as relationships with host governments, communities, and civil society.

Paula’s academic and Professional record shows her commitment to the implementation of the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, ESG, and advancing human rights and environmental agenda.


  • Portugués
  • Spanish
  • English